Time Management for System Administrators by Thomas A.Limoncelli

by DanB

Time Management for System Administrators

Seeing the words System Administration in the title of this book
may scare some of you off. I believe System Administration
encompasses many types of jobs today. At the core System
Administrators have a set of routine tasks that must be done
daily, weekly, monthly and at the same time have *many*
interruptions and fires to put out. Does this sound similar to
your job? If so you may want to give this book a chance.

The core of the book is the Cycle System. This refers to a task
and its cycle through your calander, to-do, delegation, follow
up, and other systems.

I described the Cycle System to a friend of mine and he asked me
how it compared to David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD). If
you have read GTD you will find similarities. There is more in
here than just GTD.

What I found useful was seeing time management techniques and
principles applied to specific situations. Too many time
management books have general principles applied to general
situations. You try to implement the system and start finding
problems. Now you have more frustration than you started with.
This book already understands the frustrations a system
administrator encounters.

There area only a few sections that get really technical. Most
of the book and tips are useable by anyone in an environment
that has many interruptions and unavoidable emergencies.
Depending on your situation you may find it difficult to
implement some of his technical solutions. Don’t let that deter
you. The principles are sound and you will find ways to
implement them.

In short – I recommend this book to anyone in an administrative
position. It is geared toward System Administrators but you will
find useful

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David Allen’s Getting Things Done:

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