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TNPC Newsletter
by Dan Butler

21 November 2006


The Thanksgiving holiday is this week, here in the U.S. and it
will be a short work week for many of you, so this will be a
short letter. This issue has an article with tips on avoiding
viruses and a pointer to a blog post I made on gas prices,

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*Swinging Gas Prices*

With the mid-term election wrapping up, the stock market is
mixed. What does that have to do with you? Prices at the pump
could go either way. Are you prepared if they go up again?

I drive a large vehicle to accommodate my family. If you average
out the number of people versus miles per gallon it actually
does pretty well. The recent gas price swings affect all of us.
I know the price is higher in other parts of the world. The
point is not how much your gas costs but dealing with the

I wrote a blog post a while back about how I manage it to some
degree. That post was never in the newsletter. You can read it

*Four Simple Ways to Avoid Viruses*

As we go into another holiday season, please make sure that your
virus scanner has the most up to date virus definitions. Make
sure your data is safe from viruses and that your backup is
current. Avoiding a virus is simple but not always easy. Some
rules to remember:

  • Don’t open an attachment from anyone unless you scan it for viruses first.
  • Don’t open any files off a removable disk (floppy, CD, DVD, USB drive, thumbnail drive, etc.) until you’ve scanned the disk. I found a virus recently on a floppy I hadn’t used in years.
  • Do scan your files before you send them to friends, just as an added precaution.
  • Don’t forward all the chain letters you receive this season to 300 of your closest friends.

Okay so this doesn’t pertain to viruses really but NOT
forwarding these messages is courteous and does help cut down on
the time we all spend at the computer. If you have to forward
something, at least delete the extra 200 or so email addresses
that have accumulated in the message before you got it.

If you have a copy of Tame Your Email you have the letters I
send to people who forward all the email to me.

For virus scanning there are several free scanners and some that
have a yearly fee. I have stopped recommended the big scanner -
Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee – as they are just too heavy on
your system.

The scanner I personally use is F-Secure. It’s light on my
system, effective, and reasonably inexpensive. If you need a
free virus scanner I have been recommending Avast! (

—– Tip ——-
You should only run one AntiVirus program on your system at a
time. So uninstall your old program before installing a new

F-Secure I like a lot. I have used it and it’s predecessor F-
Prot since the early 90′s. I have heard stories of system
problems with F-Secure if you install it with other anti-virus
software in place. I did not experience this myself. If you
install F-Secure and it asks to uninstall some other piece of
software don’t take the choice. Cancel the install instead and
manually remove the other software first. Then, install F-
Secure. F-Secure also has a spyware protection module. You can
find more about F-Secure ( here:

Should you scan your outgoing email? I don’t. I do scan incoming
email and my scanner does find problems from time to time.

Whatever you do keep your scanner up to date.

Try this tips and keep your system secure this season.

Resources mentioned:



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