Practical Backups

by DanB

This recording is from a teleconference on 6:03 PM 8 February 2007. We talked about ways to backup your critical working data. This information is not about keeping a full backup of your system and data. The focus was on ways to have your critical data available quickly when you are unable to access your main computer.

The recording is around 28 minutes and 19 seconds.
Topics included:

  • Learn why I chose 6:03 PM instead of 6:30 to have the last teleconference
  • How to use Gmail for offline storage
  • Experiences of people using online backup storage
  • How to store a sensitive file almost in plain site.
  • and much more.

This call was prompted by my experience of having my computer crash the night before I went out of town for a one week hospital stay with one of my children. My backup systems allowed me to keep working using a public computer at the hospital.
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