Inspiring Things…

by DanB

This morning a friend called to talk about how much bad news is out there and how little good news we usually hear. Neither my friend or I normally watch the news. You really don’t miss much and the day goes much nicer.

After our conversation I went to the office. Someone had sent me some good news. In this case a link to an incredible and inspiring video. It’s interesting how often “coincidences” like that happen.

Seeing this brought to mind a question one of my mentors would ask me. He would ask

“What are you going to do today that will make a big difference in how your life turns out?”

What are you going to do?

The good news is the answer to that question often involves small kindnesses, small gestures, small actions, over time that add up to something big.

So be inspired by this man’s achievement. Then ask yourself the question and see what you can do today.

What do yo think about this man’s achievment? Share your comments below.

  • Gram

    This is special.

  • DanB

    I thought so too. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Trish ONeil

    Thank you! That video on this man’s work completely turned my day around and restord my sense of awe and wonder, not to mention pure gleeful elight in the hman spirit- why my spirits were sagging so low matters not- what matters is what we *do* and he certainy does!
    Thank you for leading me there, to the restoration of the spirit, o the cool water on the hot day.

  • Alice

    Thanks, That was awesome. Little things mean alot

  • Bob

    Willard Wigam should be an inspiration to all of us to keep trying. It doesn’t matter how old we are or how disabled there are so many things that we can still do. thanks so much for your letter and the video of his wonderful creations. Bob

  • Mark

    hair off a flys’ back? Flies have hair?

  • GmaB

    I too become angry and disgusted at the scare tactics placed on our people
    in this country.
    We didn’t ‘grow’ on discouragement – but were challenged to do better, and

    Having been in education for many years- and have children and
    grandchildren – you don’t
    build success on negativity.

    Praise the Lord for
    the encouragers. Keep sharing – we can make a difference and hopefully –
    and work for the ‘real’ changes that need to come from within our people –

  • http://Tooembarrassedtoreveal... Bill Howard

    Your recommendation to view the ‘small is beautiful’ (and ‘smaller still exceptionally profitable’)story was much appreciated. It’s heartening and inspiring to see that someone who had such a tough start in life refused to be cowed, got stuck in and through sheer guts and determination achieved something beyond most mortals’ expectations.

    A great shame that Charlie Gibson was the anchor though. He’s very high on my ‘Propagandists to Avoid at All Costs’ list, especially after how he, Couric et al attacked Sarah Palin so maliciously. I was pleased she was able to have a normal conversation with Sean Hannity.

    Anyway, I concentrated on the story and it was most rewarding. HOW did he get the idea in the first place? He says he has learning difficulties but he is like many people I have met in life, especially here in England, who despite their early problems, are actually very articulate and have more substance and character than those who have not suffered their fate.

    Keep up the good work Dan!

    Bill Howard
    Luton, UK.

  • Arnout

    Size doesn’t matter. It is the small things in life that we all should learn to appreciate ;-))

  • Raga6

    Willard Wigam is fascinating – to have such ideas of making tiny things and then, at the age of 5, having the fortitude and intelligence to make the apartment for the ants, and the house on the head of a pin – everyone should be inspired after watching that video and listening to Willard Wigam's presentation. Thanks so much for showing your video.

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