Two Quick Things

by DanB

It’s a hit! Two quick things. A reminder about the Internet Archive

and an easy fix to a perplexing Firefox issue.

Yesterday I told you about the Internet Archive. Based on the
emails that are coming in it is quite popular.

If you visited the Archive or used the WayBack Machine why not
share what you found by commenting below.

The second item involves the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the
AVG anti-virus product. Three people who call me for help were
having problems launching Firefox. They would launch Firefox and it
would promptly crash without starting.

After talking to all three it turned out they had all installed AVG
recently. After the install of AVG Firefox no longer launched.

It turns out that AVG is using some called it calls “AVG Safe
Search”. Basically AVG adds a button to your Internet search
results telling you if the site is safe or not. I noticed this Safe
Search while trying to fix my Dad’s machine. We looked in the AVG
preferences, turned of the Safe Search feature and Firefox started
right up like it always did.

If you are having a problem launching Firefox and you use AVG try
disabling the Safe Search. It was the solution for all three of the
people calling me for help.

Have you run into this issue? Leave a comment below and let us
know your experience.

  • R.Woodward

    But…but…but…Firefox is *perfect*! How can this be? Only Microsoft products have compatibility issues!

  • Tired of trying

    Yesssss!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!

    SHAZZAMM!! Hallelujah!

    I am so glad you published this fix. I have had deep troubles with my Firefox web browser, and could not identify the source. I will attempt this fix just as soon as I get back in front of my PC at home.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a great blessing to me. I have been so very frustrated.

    (Beginning today, you have my permission to triple the annual dues I am pay for your advice.)

  • http://?? Bill

    Thanks for everything that you do for your readers.

    (Please spell OFF instead of OF)

    Have fun.

  • Gus

    where do I find the “AVG
    preferences” ?

  • Marylyn

    I have this combination and this problem. I couldn’t find the “safe search” feature to change the setting.

  • Gaita

    I guess that Mozilla and/or Greesoft people solved this issue. I am using
    FIREFOX 3.0.10
    AVG Free 8.5.339 (it have had a major software change 3 days ago) Virus DB 270.1235/2132
    Each time FIREFOX opens, AVG registered “Found Tracking Cookie 2o7″. Up to 14/05/2008 it was clasifield as “Potentially dangererous Object” showing a pop-up window and delayinf Firefox.
    Now it is healed w/o pop-up and delay

  • Paul

    Thanks for the warning. It hit me a couple of days later when AVG updated their Link Scanner db: 8.5.136 I tried to resolve this by disabling Surf Shield and Search Shield in AVG/Tools/Advanced Settings, but the problem persisted. Advice elsewhere is to turn off add-ons in Firefox; dificult when Firefox will not load. So, I loaded Firefox by right clicking on the program icon which offers a safe mode and then selected disable add-ons and restart. If you do this and re-enable all add-ons except AVG Safe Search, everything will work properly, at least it did for me.

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