Cool Postcard Website

by DanB is a cool site to look at old postcards. They sell the postcards, but keep the pictures online. We were able to find some  old photos of Fort Worth and other places of interest to us. After you spend a little time figuring out the search engine it is a lot of fun.

I found CardCow while searching for pictures of the old Kon Tiki motel in California. Why the Kon Tiki? We lived there for a few months when I was in 2nd grade.

Find CardCow here:

Let me know what you think.

  • anonymous

    Seemed there were lots of duplicate card images in search results, and the search results included results not relevant to the search terms.

  • DanB

    Right. That is what I was referring to about leaning how it searches. I assume the duplicates result from the fact that they sell cards from the site. I enjoyed looking at some of the messages on the backs as much as the cards.

    Thanks for posting.


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