Quick and Easy Smart Phone Emails

by DanB

It’s frustrating. You receive an email on your smartphone and want to respond immediately. Then the tiny keyboard gets in the way and you end up sending a response that is not up to your usual standard. Do not let this happen to you.

On the TNPC website are a couple of articles on maximizing your email signature. In a nutshell you can put more than just a signature there. Why not setup your basic email template as your signature. Now when you reply on your smartphone you get a nicely formatted email with all the information you include in your normal emails. No more typing apologies for replying from your phone.

You can find my original article here:


That link will take you to some examples of what I am talking about.

Here is something specific to setting this up on a phone. When you are setting up the template I suggest you type it up on your computer then email it to yourself. Open the email on your phone and cut and paste your new template to your signature file. This will have you up and running in just a few minutes. Now every email and reply you send can look like you spent the time on it you deserve.

One other thing I do is create a folder in my email called “Signatures”. File the different templates you create in that folder. Makes switching between templates quick and easy.

Do you have a tip for working email on your phone? Post it in the comments below

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