Where Did That Page Go?

by DanB

Real quick today a really useful tool. And it is free.

This past weekend I was trying to sell some DVD’s from my hobby. To start I wanted to link to the descriptions of the DVD’s. One problem. The website I purchased them from no longer exists. So I turned to a tool I have used and recommended for a long time. The WayBackMachine over at Archive.org. Click here to visit the archive:


At Archive.org you will see the WayBackMachine near the top center. Just enter the URL of the page you are researching and a little timeline pops up near the top with a calender lower down. To view past iterations of a website use the timeline to get to a general period then the calendar for a specific day.

The WayBackMachine is extra useful when a website has disappeared or changed ownership.

While you are at Archive.org be sure and take a look around. Lots of fun stuff old and new. For instance I pulled up a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones concert from the Music Hall of the Carnegie Library to listen to while typing this. Many old books, photos, movies, music, and more to look through – all free.

Find something interesting at Archive.org? Share it in the comments below.

  • guest

    This site was a life-saver for me a while back when I made a change to several of our company web sites and (mistakenly) thought I had backed up the images I was was replacing. When it came to restore them, I was screwed…until I remembered the Wayback Machine.

  • http://www.tnpcnews.com/ DanB

    Thank you for sharing. It is surprising how often backups go missing. Nice to have resources like this when the time comes.


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