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by DanB

It’s frustrating. Microsoft went and changed to the Ribbon and I still can not find all the commands I want to use. Turns out the one I was looking for, Auto Summarize, is not there at all. Very frustrating.

Usually I just typed “Word 2010 xxxx” where xxxx was the command I was after. Then I found this helpful page at Microsoft’s website:

That is a long URL. If that link does not work for you just click here.

Midway down the page you will see the “Search Tab Download”. It looks like this on my screen:

After you download and install the Search Tab you will have a new tab on your ribbon. Simply type in the old command and the button will appear for you to click. It is not perfect but it helped me quite a bit. Except the command I was after was not there.

If you have used this or have another method please leave a comment below.

Update November 1, 2012 9:03 PM CST

Earlier today I sent out a link to a helpful Microsoft Office resource. Microsoft had changed some of the destination links and it caused some confusion.

First a big thanks to Bob S. and Mike B. who helped me track this down and test.

Here are the direct links to two different downloads of Microsoft Office Search Commands Tab with instructions on how to install.

This one claims to work with Office 2010 and Office 2007:

This one is specific to Office 2007:

If you are unable to install there for any reason use the Interactive Online Guides:

With those resources you should be able to find your way around the programs.

Apologies for any confusion earlier.

  • Andrew Mccann

    This is good too:

    and there is a free trial.

  • Andrew Mccann

    Here’s another classic menu add on. This one is free for personal use:

  • DanB

    Thank you for posting I will check into this.


  • DAvid

    for telling us about the command finder for Office 2010, I had used the finder for 2007 and missed it
    when I upgraded. But why do we
    have  to go through this hassle, why can’t
    Microsoft just give us menus with
    real words instead of dozens of arcane
    symbols? Does Microsoft even care about
    their customers? 

  • DanB

    I have always thought the same thing. The old interface was nice because it was easy to make your own. Now it is not so easy. And they pulled a feature I used a lot.

    I have actually wondered why pressure was not brought against Microsoft by the business community on all the lost hours due to interface changes, file formats, etc. Used to spend a large portion of my time helping people get work done in the Office products when it wasn’t intuitively obvious. And that was in my spare time!

  • DavidR

    have used ubit as well. It adds an option to the Ribbon of each Office application which
    expands into the old-style menu system with all of the application’s commands
    right where you were used to finding them. It has eased the migration to the
    newer versions of Office for a lot of people I know.

  • DanB

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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