Some More Quick Tips

by DanB

It’s wacky. All the end of the world talk and the date is still in the future. Thankfully it isn’t as hyped as Y2K was. Nevertheless I posted this at 12:12 on 12/12/12. I’m sure I’m not the only one but this is most likely the last chance I will have to do something with all the times/dates in synch.

The last 2 little tricks were well received. If you read the comments you will see I had a disagreement with one use over the use of “”. I still think you should only use “” when entering a random address. You never know who you may have to deal with the email otherwise.

Click here if you missed those tips

Here are a couple of more quick tips for getting information under control.

When I sign up for automated email lists I never use my real name. My current favorite is Sponge Bob. When I see mail addressed to Sponge I know it isn’t personal and can wait till later to read it or just hit delete. It amuses my children too. I used to use Jed Clampitt until a customer of mine was really named Jed Clampitt! I thought the emails from him were tests I had sent.

Having said that please keep your real name with me. As you know I do answer personally and do remember conversations with you over time. I appreciate it.

Here is another idea. When you are fill in a form that requires an address put this in the second address line:

do *not* send unsolicited mail

Any mail the company sends you will have that line in the address. Even if the company sells your address the line is usually still there and you can easily sort the mail. Any mail I receive with that in the address gets immediately trashed.

If the form wants your phone number I always try BR549. That rarely works but amuses me. Failing that I use a free Google Voice number that is set to go directly to Voicemail. The exception to this is when ordering something. Then I use the Google Voice number in case the company has a question.

If you wonder why BR549 then count yourself younger than me!

Using some of these easy techniques can really help you cut into the information overload and give you back control of your time and attention.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you use these or have another idea.

  • Llyd ap Dicter

    If BR549 does not work Try your area code followed by 555-1212 which directs them to the $1 a shot directory lookup from TelCo.They might still get your number LOL but it will cost them cash up front.

  • DanB

    Thank you for posting. Personally I prefer to not sign people up for services that may incur a cost. It has happened to me in the past. There was a particularly annoying vacation marketing company that put my 800 number on the credit card receipts. As a result I received dozens of calls a week complaining. That cost me time and the per minute charges for the calls to the 800 number. That is a bit extreme but you get the idea.

    So you can use your area code followed by 555-0100 and nobody gets would get charged. At least not in North America.

    Thanks again.

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