Are You Prepared?

by DanB

It’s scary. You may have heard the news about the giant tornado that hit near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That is only a few hours drive from where I am typing this. My oldest son lives about 20 minutes from where it hit.

I have friends and relatives who live in the path of this recent tornado. One friend’s house was hit. It wiped out half the house. They say the other half of the house didn’t have anything out of place. Weird.

Last week the tornadoes were about an hour southwest and west of us.

Having tornadoes and hail this time of year is normal for this area. Where I live most of the bad weather goes just north or just south of us. Or both. We often miss the brunt of the heavy storms.

Why do I bring this up? My wife wanted to talk about our emergency plan. She had located some emergency planning documents and we were talking about them.

Ours needs are pretty simple even though there are a lot of us in the family. I work out of the house and we homeschool, and we live in a small town, so that limits how scattered we are much of the time.

Your emergency plan would include identifying information, important and emergency contact information, where to meet, and other information like that.

These are the papers my wife found. You can print them out and get started if this is something you would want to do. These papers are free and make a good starting point:

Back to tornadoes. I found myself smack dab in the middle of one back in May of 2000. There was a local newscast showing that tornado live on TV. Their camera is mounted on top of the 40 story glass building I was in. In the video they switch back to radar. The tornado hit my building shortly after that taking out the camera and destroying thousands of pieces of the glass exterior. No one in the building was injured. Here is the 2 minute long video:

So stay safe out there and have a plan in place so you can make the best of a difficult situation should you find yourself in one.

If you have tips or experiences with weather or emergency planning please share them below so we can create a resource for people who are seeking information.

  • sandida

    Here’s another link with great info –

  • DanB


    Dan Butler
    TNPC News

  • lindsay

    If you take shelter from a storm, take a moment and be sure that everyone has on good sturdy shoes….if you’re hit at all, there will be glass, splintered wood other materials scattered everywhere that is NOT fun to walk on barefoot in the dark.

  • DanB

    Good advice. And important to know before the fact as you may not be able to even find your shoes later.

  • Jeff Cornelius

    Something not mentioned on these sites before the last year or so is the value of helmets, even a bike helmet. Keep them with a pair of shoes in the sheltering spot!

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