Friendlier Drive Thru Service?

by DanB

It’s unnerving. I just come back from the bank and they have installed two way cameras in the drive thru lanes. So basically when you pull up you see a video of yourself, then all of a sudden it is a person inside the bank looking at you and talking to you.

Maybe these are the norm in the larger cities but I use a smaller local bank and live in a small town.

It was unnerving to me because I normally do my banking inside so I can interact with the employees. You can also hear what they say if there is an issue. In the drive thru you can not hear them unless they want you to hear.

So I normally reserve my drive thru banking to times when I am not dressed up or for some other reason do not want to go face to face. These new cameras break down these walls. After using them a few times it is getting better but it still feels a bit uncomfortable for me.

One the one hand I like that I actually know there is a camera there monitoring me. It is better than all the hidden cameras around.

How about you? Have you experienced these cameras and what do you think about them? Let me know your thoughts below.

  • Allie B

    That is unnerving. I don’t like being caught on camera at all.

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