A Guide for the Advanced Soul

I picked up a copy of A Guide for the Advanced Soul by Susan Hayword:

I found the quotes to be helpful. The basic premise of this book is you ask a question then open the book randomly. The quote on the page you open to is supposed to be relevent to your question.

Does this work? I am not saying there is some mystical mumbo-jumbo going on here. But if you believe the quote will apply to your question then your brain will try to find a match. This expands your thinking and forces you to consider your query in the new light.

I like this. For years now I have kept a list of “magic questions” to apply to problems, questions, and queries that pop-up in my life. I hold the belief that their is no question without an answer. Does this mean we will always find the answer? Well there is the rub. But the belief leads to the search. And what we find on the search and along the path and in the answers we find can help us expand our choices if we allow it.