Interesting Quote – Who Really Said It?…

I ran across this quote on the Internet. Made a note of the quote but forgot to put where I saw it. I don’t think it was original with the person who used in the signature of their email. Here is the quote:

“If you move one grain of sand the world will never be the same.”

I like the thought. It reminds me of a condensed version of the starfish story:

Once there was a man walking down the beach, and he noticed the beach was covered with thousands of starfish that were washed up with the tide. They were everywhere. As he walked along the beach he noticed a young boy up ahead throwing rocks into the ocean. As he got closer to the boy he noticed he was not throwing rocks at all but he was actually throwing the starfish back into the ocean.

He thought. “What a crazy kid. He really thinks he can save all of these starfish? There are thousands of them!”

As he got next to the boy he said, “Hey kid, what are you doing? You really think you make a difference?” The boy picked up another starfish, threw it back to the ocean and replied, “I made a difference to that one!”

I don’t know who to attribute that story to either. I have heard several speakers use the story and most recently ran across it while studying the Banabu 11 Principles course.

If you know the origin of either of these please leave a comment and let me know.