The Big Three and The Rest of the Story…

What are your big three?

Here as promised is the rest of the story on what happened to
the business update. Plus a discussion of the big three.

First I want to thank you for being a subscriber. Moving forward
I anticipate publishing at least every other week. Possibly
every week. Our focus will be on how you can increase the
business you currently have. If you do not already have a
business you can apply the ideas to getting one started.

This all started after a series of unfortunate events. I
personally was in a car fire, a bomb threat, a tornado in a high
rise building, and more in just a short span of time. Then the
company I was working for moved to Houston, TX. Not wanting to
move to Houston I found myself with my own little companies to
work with.

Since that time I have been refining what I do. Focusing more on
the big three. Working through some personal things that were
holding me back. Moving my activities more toward the things I
want to do and less of what I “have to do”. We have also been
blessed to welcome three precious children into the world in
that time period. All of this combined turned my thinking more
and more toward a concept I vaguely had in the back of my mind.
I call it “Lifestyle Business.”

——- Brief Commercial Note ——
My most recent book “Quick and Effective Internet Business” is
the beginning of a larger work on this concept of Lifestyle
Business. The book shows you how to start a business and create
a product around the things that interest you. You can read
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You can only focus on so many things in your life. For most
people three major things are about all you can handle. I have
started calling this concept “The Big Three”.

Say your big three are work, family, and a hobby. Then you
decide to start a business on the side. Now you have work,
family, hobby, business. Things go well for a while but at some
point the stress kicks in, your time gets crunched, frustration
and all the rest. How do you avoid the juggling act?

First identify your big three. You really have more than three.
Simply make a list of all the things you like to do. Then pick
the ones that give you the most enjoyment. With a little thought
you will find ways to combine some of the items. Did you find
two you can combine? Congratulations – you have expanded your
enjoyment and satisfaction while keeping yourself focused on
your big three.

How does this apply to your business? Make your business an
extension of your life. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? It is – until
you try to apply it.

Have you heard the expression “do what you love and the money
will follow”? It is true. The problem is sometimes you do not
love what it all becomes.

In the past I pursued my hobby (sleight-of-hand) as a business.
That went well for a while. Then the things I enjoyed about my
hobby were not so enjoyable any more. It lost it’s fun for me.
I’ve talked to other people who have had similar experiences
with their hobby/business – golf, photography, quilting, cooking
– it is all the same. Once things got going it just wasn’t the

Am I saying you should focus on something outside your hobby?
Maybe. Maybe not. That puts you right back in the too many irons
in the fire scenario. I am saying approach the whole thing with
a different focus.

That different focus is the core of what I will be sharing with
you How to take the things you love and start a business. How to
incorporate the your big three into your business without
loosing the passion you already have. In fact you will find more
enjoyment for the things you already enjoy. You business will
become an extension of your life.

Sound good? Stick with me and we will all grow together. I have
some ways we can share our knowledge and grow together. It is
exciting. I will still share my observations about business in
general and tools in particular along with ways you can apply
the Lifestyle business concepts to your business and your life.

Talk to you soon!