Vista vs Time & Chaos

The first software challenge I ran into was Time & Chaos v.6. I’ve used Time & Chaos since v.1 way back when. Well over ten years in fact. It has been interesting to watch the growth of the company over the years.

When I first registered the program I called to ask where to send the check. Spoke with the author of the program and he gave me the unlock code on the spot without waiting for the check to be mailed. Then spent a while teaching me to use his program. Well things change. The program is still nice albeit a bit larger.

So what is Time & Chaos? Simply a nifty Personal Information Manager (PIM). It tracks the things you want to track and doesn’t bog you down in options. Version 6 of the software does not work in Vista. You have to upgrade to v.7. I don’t like that but that is the case.