Sonic and Ketchup Packets

am constantly fascinated by the lack of thought given to customer service. Tonight I went to the local Sonic Drive-In to pick up hamburgers for our dinner. The order was 12 hamburgers with everything on them.

The order arrived and I requested ketchup to go with the hamburgers – she handed me four packets, for 12 hamburgers. After asking for a bit more ketchup and was told “I can only give you so much.” I explained I had 12 hamburgers and was told “I’ll see what I can do.” She brought back a small handful of ketchup packets.

Sonic includes peppermints with your order. My order of 12 hamburgers included five peppermints. Keep in mind I was driving a 15 passenger van with eight passengers. There was quite the commotion over the five mints!

Enough fussing. My point is simple. Why come across as stingy toward your customers? I realize a few extra ketchup packets included with each order add up. You should train employees to be reasonable when handing items like this out. You should also train them to be aware of their customer and their specific needs. That is all I ask.

Someone asked why I find myself fascinated with situations like this and not frustrated. On the one hand it is an opportunity to observe service in action. On the other hand it gives me an opportunity to practice certain communication skills.

Always look for ways to turn frustration into fascination.

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