Pegasus Email Client Being Flagged as a Trojan…

Over the years I have highly recommended the Pegasus email client. I still do if you are an advanced user.

David Harris the creator of Pegasus sent this email that talks about Norton Antivirus flagging Pegasus as a Trojan. It is not. If you use Pegasus and Norton read this note carefully and protect yourself.

The Pegasus Mail web site is:

Since a signature update on May 15, Norton Antivirus has begun detecting the Pegasus Mail executable program, WINPM-32.EXE as a trojan horse called “Trojan.Dropper”. The first symptom most people will have of this problem is the deletion of WINPM-32.EXE during a system scan.

Firstly, we wish to stress that there is no trojan horse in Pegasus Mail: the Norton Antivirus program is producing a “false positive” – an incorrect analysis based on poor or erroneous signature information.

Secondly, you will not be able to recover from this problem without first amending your Norton Antivirus installation, since it will automatically delete any attempt to download or reinstall the Pegasus Mail program.

There is a comprehensive thread describing this problem and offering some short-term workarounds on our community web site, here:

It is our belief that you will get very little technical assistance from Symantec on this issue, but we urge you to try anyway if you encounter this problem. We have instructed our lawyers to send urgent messages to Symantec in an attempt to get this resolved as quickly as possible, but once again, current experiences are not giving us much faith in their responsiveness or sense of moral responsibility.

IMPORTANT: if you suffer from this problem and attempt to reinstall Pegasus Mail (assuming you use one of the workarounds to prevent NAV from deleting it as you do so), you MUST use the “Upgrade” option in the installer in order to retain access to your existing settings and data.

– David Harris –