The Naked PC Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

Dan Butler is the Webmaster for Union Pacific Resources Group, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX). He is also the founder of PlanB Consulting (Saginaw, TX) that develops Web sites and other forms of hypermedia for clients across the nation. Dan’s background is in software solutions, data analysis, and documentation. Dan has provided solutions using Perl, JavaScript, VB, VBA, WordBasic, and Lotus 1-2-3 that range from simple work enhancements to full replacements for complex processes. These systems run the gamut from mainframe, VMS, Unix, and PCs.

Dan has authored articles for technical newsletters such as Woody’s Underground Office (which in 1997 won the Computer Press Association’s Award for Best Newsletter-First Place), PC Computing’s Undocumented Office newsletter, and The Naked PC Newsletter where he is the Editor-in-Chief as well as a contributor.

In addition to The Unofficial Guide to PCs Dan has also authored two technical books that are non-computer related.