The Bulging Capacitor Problem

I told you about the bulging capacitors that took my motherboard out. Here is a picture of that motherboard and what you should look for to see if you have a current or pending problem with your capacitors.

First here is a close-up of the worst section of my motherboard. Click the picture for a larger view:

The capacitors are the black tube shapes with the silver tops.The bulging capacitors are the ones with the brown stuff leaking out. The red arrow to the left points directly to one of my leaking capacitors. The red arrow on the right point to a good capacitor. The silver top of the capacitors should be flat. Capacitors going bad will be raised.

After replacing the motherboard in the computer all my problems cleared up. You may want to take a look under the hood on your PC. If your capacitors are leaking or even bulging you may be headed for trouble.