Swiss-Tech Tools – See How They Work

After using the Swiss-Tech tools for just a few days they have earned a permanent spot on my key ring. Check the photographs below to see how the tools attach to your key ring.

We carry three different Swiss-Tech tools in The MicroTechnician, the UtiliKey, and the MicroPlus. There are only pictures of two of the MicroPlus and UtiliKey below. I was showing my MicroTechnician to someone and they kept it for themselves! The MicroTechnician does not have the small precision screwdrivers of the MicroPlus. Other than that they are the same high quality.

Take a look at my keychain. This is what I carry in my pocket now. You can see:

  • Red Photon Micro-Light (a)
  • Turquoise Photon Micro-Light (b)
  • Swiss-Tech MicroPlus (c)
  • Swiss-Tech UtiliKey (d)

If you didn’t know what you were looking for you wouldn’t notice the UtiliKey at first glance. It stays out of the way nicely until you need it.

Here you see my son opening the Swiss-Tech MicroPlus. You simply pivot the two legs out and it becomes a pair of pliers ready to use. As you can see the left leg has a Phillips screwdriver on the end. The right leg has a Flat head screwdriver on the end.

We flipped the MicroPlus over here so you can see how the jaws go around your key chain. When the tool is folded shut it is locked securely to your key ring. It cannot fall off or open in your pocket or purse.

If you look closely at my key ring you can see the UtiliKey safely waiting to be used.

I’ve folded the micro-flat head screw driver out to tighten my glasses. The micro screw drivers fit securely against the two legs of the MicroPlus. They stay there nice and snug until you need them.

Now we are using the micro Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws on a Photon Micro-Light II to change the battery. This screwdriver is just the right size and will always be there when you need it.

See how the UtiliKey splits apart? When you separate the two sides you can take it off your key ring.

This end of the UtiliKey has a small flat head screwdriver you can use to adjust your glasses or other small screws.

(That is the MicroPlus waving in the background.)

The small Phillips head screwdriver will fit the screws in on a Photon Micro-Light IINotice how the knife blade on the UtiliKey has both a flat edge and a serrated edge. You can use the knife in some pretty tough spots. Here we are cutting open a box. In an emergency you could use the serrated edge to cut off your seat belt.