Review – SwissTech Tools

They’re tiny, and they’re very versatile. Screwdriver(s), Pliers,
Wire Cutters/Strippers, Knives–SwissTech has them all and they
fit securely on your key ring. Even if you don’t work around
computers all day you just never know when you might need a tool.
SwissTech tools let you carry a little toolbox in your pocket or
purse. Just in the first few weeks of carrying these handy tools
they have earned a permanent spot on The Naked PC key rings. You
can see some pictures of these tools in action here:

How has The Naked PC staff used these tools? I’m so glad you
asked! Lee and his youngest son were playing fort with a large
cardboard box. Thinking a window might be nice he started
searching for a knife (Lee, not his son!). That’s when he
remembered his brand new UtiliKey on his key ring. About a minute
later his son’s fort was sporting a neatly cut window.

Jim was helping the Make-A-Wish foundation surprise a five-year
old with a new computer. There were about six people there
setting up a miniature computer desk to hold the system. But
there was a small nail sticking out of the desk. Screwdrivers
were in plentiful supply but definitely the wrong tool for the
job. No one had pliers or a suitable tool with which to pull it
out. The pliers on Jim’s MicroPlus did the job nicely.

While camping with my family, the rope holding the latch to our
cabin decided to snap. We were effectively locked out of the
cabin. At midnight. After examining the situation I used my handy
pocket tool to remove the latch and just a few minutes later we
were inside the door.

In each of these cases the SwissTech tools solved an immediate
need. The point is, you never know when a screwdriver, knife, or
pliers will be just what you need. Think of them as problem
solvers. In the past you might have thought, “I wish I had that
tool…” Now you will.

When we saw the quality of these tools we immediately added them
to The SwissTech tools we now carry are: the
MicroTechnician ($10.99), the UtiliKey ($10.99), and the
MicroPlus ($14.99).

The MicroTechnician and MicroPlus are small pliers that fold up
and lock to your key ring. How small? 1 7/8″ x 1″ x 1/4″ when
folded shut. When the tool is folded shut it will not open and
stays firmly hooked to your key ring. The legs of the pliers have
Phillips and flat screwdrivers. Behind the pliers you’ll find a
wire cutter and metal shear (although that’s a bit of poetic
license on SwissTech’s part in our opinion–don’t plan on slicing
much in the way of sheet metal).

The MicroPlus has two more screwdrivers than the MicroTechnician-
-a second smaller set of Phillips and flat micro screwdrivers.
The jaws on the MicroPlus pliers have more “teeth” to them for
gripping on to objects as well. Both tools are very sturdy and
built for years of use.

The UtiliKey is a handy tool that looks like a key. It clips to
your key ring until you need it. When you open this “key” it
automatically releases from your key ring and you’ll find a flat
and serrated knife blade, Phillips and flat screw drivers
(small), an eyeglass screwdriver (even smaller), and a bottle
opener. Be aware that the knife is *very* sharp. Be careful when
using the other tools on the key. For example, the serrated edge
of the UtiliKey would cut through your car seat belt should you
be stuck. It’s on your key ring and you’ll easily find it right
when you need it most.

A side bonus is that these tools are so cool to play with.
Folding and unfolding either of the Micro tools will have
everyone saying “Let me see that…”. But be careful, they’ll
want to keep it!

All of these tools are warranted by SwissTech against defects in
materials and workmanship for the life of the user.

If you own one of our Photon Micro-Lights II you’ll be pleased to
know that both the UtiliKey and the MicroPlus screwdrivers are
small enough that they can be used to open the light’s case when
changing the batteries. (The Photon III doesn’t need a
screwdriver for battery changing.)

So, which will you choose? If you need a small screwdriver for
glasses or changing batteries in your Micro-Light II then you’ll
want the MicroPlus or the UtiliKey. If having a handy set of
pliers is important then either the MicroPlus or MicroTechnician
will suit your needs. Frankly I would buy both the 8-in-1
MicroPlus and the UtiliKey. The MicroPlus is only $5 more yet
gives you so much more flexibility. The UtiliKey gives you the
knife and hides on your key ring until you need it. Together they
give you plenty of options and make great stocking stuffers.